THE PLAYER ZER0 is a YouTube channel dedicated to creating content mostly because he wants to but a bit of it is for the fans! The channel is run by Zachary Davidson also known as THE PLAYER ZER0.

Who is Zachary Davidson?

He is one of the main characters of The Graceful Sagas!

Something happened to him after the events of The He Who is Among Us Skit that unknown to you all, that made him pause doing my own YouTube channel until the 8th of November, 2020 when I uploaded again like nothing ever happened.

Who is Destiny?

Her name is Destiny and She is one of Zachary's 'Guardian Angels' if you will. You can see one of My forms that I've taken up over the years on the homepage of Zach's website. She's lived for longer than ANY mortal or godi will ever live during their life time. Also, She's also known me for longer than my mother has known. But, no. Her past does not matter.

That's all that you need to know about us at the moment!


PLAYER ZER0 STUDIOS is my company that is just used to hold the trademarks of the titles. The company does NOT have any say in what goes on in my franchise because the storyline is for a personal project and NOT a company project.

What is Arbitrium TV?

Arbitrium TV will be a free-to-use video streaming platform for Zachary Davidson, Joshua Williams, and Nathan Boehm (any more)'s' content from YouTube (that doesn't contain copyrighted materials) where we can make money off of our content! This is mostly to fund our own personal projects.