Hello and welcome to THE PLAYER ZER0!

Destiny is waving to you! Say hello!

My name is Mercy Grace Lovelight, and I am a scribe to the events that happen during The Graceful Sagas! Keep in mind that this website is just a supplement to the overarching story of The Graceful Sagas!

Oh? You're curious on who the woman to the left is?

Destiny is my imaginary friend from my childhood! She has been with me since I was 5 years old and at the age of 15, I turned her into a tulpa to give her some freedom. And now, she's a teenager of the age of 15 with a tendency to act like she's my own mother for whatever reason.

And who is Zachary Davidson you ask?

Zachary Davidson, also known as THE PLAYER ZER0, is the goddess incarnate known as Thalassa! She is the one who is put through hell just so that she can--err... Nevermind...

The current storyline is about to end. What's even more exciting is that, once I find my plot armor, I can share with you my story and who I truly am! But at the moment, I can't because I'd be risking my life! If you want to get caught up on The Graceful Sagas, then click here for the playlist.

It's not exactly the most complete playlist but when I am done, it will host my entire lives' most important hits that were both magically recorded and reanimated by me!

Oh, and, there's also a wiki in development for the characters, locations, organizations, clans, etc. in my story. But the information on the wiki will be released 1 week later than when the information is readily available to avoid people from getting spoiled! Plus, there will be a spoiler-block (for each episode) on the website. So, if you can't watch the episode by the 1-week mark, and you need to make some theories on your channel or whatever, then you can do so without being spoiled!

Now go and explore the website!